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Bacon and Egg Roll $11

Choice BBQ, ketchup, mustard or mayo



Bacon lettuce tomatoes or BLAT (with avocado)


Eggs on Toast $14

Fried, scramble or poached served with mix leaf, toast bread, grilled tomatoes Extra: bacon, ham, salmon, avocado $3.50 each

Extra: ricotta, mushroom, spinach $2.50 each

Egg Benedict $18

Poached eggs on toast with salmon or ham served with, spinach, hollandaise sauce


Marina Big Breakfast $21

Eggs, bread, bacon, sausages, avocado, mushrooms, mix leaf and grilled tomatoes


Omelette $17

Fluffy 3 eggs, sausages, mushroom and spinach or roasted vegetables and parmesan cheese


Pancakes $14

Served with maple syrup choice of Nutella covered strawberries OR berries and ricotta

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