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The Pizza Aussies Love!

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

The fact is: Australians LOVE their local produce (so do we) and they enjoy international cuisines.

What do you get when you put both together?

Cotto and Funghi Pizza
Cotto & Funghi

How is it so good?

We'd like to think that it's because we're Italian, but here's a few reasons: We have an Italian Pizza Chef, an imported Stone Pizza Oven, imported ingredients and we love what we do :D

Italian Woodfire Pizza


You don’t need fancy or imported ingredients to make a great pizza! As long as they are fresh and without an excessive amount of conservatives and additives, your pizza will taste amazing!

Here’s how we do it:

  1. We make our own dough on the night before and let it sit and grow.

  2. We prepare the tomato sauce with just salt, black pepper, and a hint of olive oil.

  3. Stretch and flatten the pizza base so it becomes loose and has no clumps of dough.

  4. Add the tomato sauce first, cheese second, mushrooms third and ham fourth.

  5. Once placed in the oven, turn it around to ensure the entirety of your pizza cooks. Remove your pizza from the oven and dig in!

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