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Promotions, Free Food and What?!

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Yup, that's right, 2019 is coming in HOT! If you're not up to date with our social media, then you are going to be missing out on some incredible things we have coming up!

Restaurant Instagram Promotion

Trust The Chef #2 - April 3rd

Because everyone asked for an encore, we will deliver!

Our second Trust The Chef dinner is already on the way!

4 Mystery courses by our master chef Mick Ikin! You could get a pizza as an entreé, a pasta or maybe both! If you trust in our chef like we do, then you know he's going to prepare the most delicious, mouth watering Italian dishes you could ever have in Noosa!

At only $60 per person, this is a night, you do not want to miss! (again!)

You can check out our Facebook Page for the event and more info and real time updates, or alternatively, book your table straight away!


Early Bird Special!

First in through the door? Here's a discount!

Our early bird special is dedicated to those who are so excited to dine with us, they want to be the first ones in!

Book your table at 5:30pm and you'll receive a 15% off from your bill! How good is that?! :D

Terms & Conditions: Not valid on public holidays or special days / Not redeemable with other discounts / Up to 50$ discount / 1hr seating (6:30pm)


Instagram Photo of the Month!

Every month, we will give away a voucher to spend at our venue!

Rules for competing:

  1. Follow us on Instagram

  2. Take a photo at our venue

  3. Tag us in it! @italian.marina

March's photo theme: Best couple photo!


Why you should follow us!

Do you appreciate wine tasting? Are you curious to know how we make our dishes?

Have you ever wondered what's trending in Italy? How does a free $100 voucher sound like?

This is why you absolutely must follow us on Facebook and Instagram! These are some of the ideas we have in mind to share with you through out this year and it's only 1% of everything we have planned!


Where Can I Start?

You can start by Liking and Following our Facebook and Instagram page and registering you email with us! After that, just sit back and enjoy (:

But do I HAVE to keep up with all of this?

Definitely not, but why wouldn't you?

Each platform is going to have it's own unique special promotion and announcements. Sometimes we might run a flash giveaway just on Instagram. Other times we might create an event only on Facebook. And for exclusive deals, you would want to be registered to our email list because they get the very good stuff first! (and sometimes exclusively!)

And hey, there's no obligation! You can unfollow us at any time and miss out on these deals :D

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Jan 02, 2019

My daughter and I had lunch at Italian Marina yesterday. We go there on a regular basis. Food....amazing. friendly.

whenever we have interstate visitors, we always take them there.

Just love it.


Eileen Walder
Eileen Walder
Jan 02, 2019

Dining out is a very special thing for us being pensioners but our first choice is always the Italian Marina. Afterall we did meet 53 years ago in Italy at Marina di Massi!

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